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E-commerce B2B - Interview to Luigi Franceschetti

Sonntag, 19. April 2020
B2B e-commerce is not yet as widespread as in B2C, even if it is a great opportunity for companies. In this article we present an extract from the Radio Next 24 interview to our President, Luigi Wilmo Franceschetti, who has explained is point view about this topic.


It is well known that nowadays technology and automation are the leading forces of the economic field, but is it true that the technological advancement is the key of success for a company? Luigi Wilmo Franceschetti, owner of Saccheria Franceschetti, has given his opinion in a radio interview on Radio Next (Sole 24 Ore's Radio Station), showing the achievement of our e-commerce.

To face the Covid-19 health emergency, many companies had to stay closed and the economy has suffered. E-commerces were the only operating channel during the lockdown (if we exclude the sector of basic necessities): this tragic situation has shown clearly the advantages offered by online sales. If e-commerce proliferates in B2C, in B2B they’re not so widespread, due to many different reasons: agents who oppose because of the fear of losing their market share, customers who may prefer the traditional purchase process, concerns related to foreign competition, which often has competitive prices and that has been operating online for several years. We believe it is important to overcome these doubts, focusing more and more on the business integration opportunities that up-to-date softwares offer us.

Saccheria Franceschetti has launched its web store on the 1st November 2019. It takes 6 months of work before the automation process was completed, today, however, we enjoy the benefits of our effort: our ecommerce is completely integrated with our ERP SAPB1 and also with our WMS ELI. This allow us to easy fulfil every order. Our advice is to open as soon as possible a web store in order to face the difficulties of the current situation, and to put off for a better moment the processes of integration with the ERP.

As Luigi Franceschetti always says “great opportunities arise from problems”, so maybe it’s time to take this opportunity to embrace progress, go beyond our fears and evolve.